Analyzing the Relationship between the Values Alignment and work characteristics

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Like all other human behaviors, creativity must be examined by considering both personal and situational influences. Values alignment provides a suitable theoretical perspective to investigate the congruence between persons and organizations in the domain of creativity. However, few studies have examined the effects values have on creative behavior. Although the majority of these studies have identified a positive relationship between values alignment and creativity, It is suggested that congruent individuals are less likely to be creative. The current study will examine the relationship between values alignment and employees’ self-rated creativity in the Egyptian context. The paper aims to discuss these issues.

One of the best ways in which organizations’ can capture their employees’ creativity is by creating a climate that nurtures creativity. Having a creative working climate nourishes and creates a suitable working culture that enhances the creative spark of the employees. Based on this premise, the study focus on just one attribute that facilitate the development of a creative climate(work characteristics) and how it can be related to values alignment of the members of the academic staff in the Egyptian universities. A sample of 240 respondents of academic staff(teacher, assistant professor, and professor) were taken and for achieving the study objectives and its hypotheses testing , a questionnaire was developed , which is designed for this purpose, then the data obtained was analyzed using suitable statistical methods.

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